'F' words

Last month we chatted about the  trends for '24going against the rules... If you're into dressing for now, for your body and for the fun of it, pop back and take a look at those two posts! 
 So February... let's flip the script and have fun with what this month has to offer. Yes it's cold, we are craving fresh so why not dive into a bit of inspiration this month? Before we emerge from winter, this is a great time to explore what's happening in fashion for the year. We are in the thick of runway shows which ooze creativity and art. While we don't live in Milan or Paris, we can still dress with the same mindset as the fashion gurus -  to reflect your own style. 
Living where we live, weather plays a huge factor in how we dress. LAYERS! Not only are layers a key sign you have fashion sense, they are practical. And yes fashion is creative, but it can equally embrace the practical nature as well. In the upcoming months, we will begin our day wearing more items than at the end of the day as the days lengthen and the weather warms up. Wearing natural fibres that are breathable also helps with layering and not suffocating. Ha! Cotton, linen, denim, tencel are all ideal and can be worn together easily. 
I'm sure you're thinking this sounds lovely and easy but HOW does one actually put outfits together that embrace your style, your body type and the weather?? (with a dash of practicality) Cue Voila!
1. Follow our social media. Often we show you how to wear an item in more than one way for more than one occasion. Reinventing an article of clothing blends practicality and creativity perfectly.
2. We also love nothing more than taking the time with you while you are in the store to explore a variety of styles. We like to take you just beyond your comfort zone and show you how to celebrate your best assets so you feel incredible yet remain true to who you are and how you live. 
3. If you're ready to dive in a little deeper, we can come to you! We offer a closet edit. What does that mean? We visit you at home (or virtually through zoom/facetime) & go through your closet with you. We eliminate items that are no longer relevant for your body type, your lifestyle and the current fashion climate. (skinny jeans will be burned!) After that we chat about how you live your day to day and how you want to feel when you get dressed. We talk about your go to clothing choices, why you're drawn to them and what you feel like you're lacking. After that we interpret that info, go back to the store to curate pieces to update your wardrobe and gather options for you. Items you can mix with what you have, wear alone and wear many different ways. 
Getting dressed should be fun. Embracing your style should feel natural. And clothing should always feel easy. 
Contact us if this interest you! DM us on social media, email us - info@veryvoila.com, call 780-842-3037 or drop by in person to meet with us! 
'F' words

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  • Donna Nichol

    What do you mean that “skinny jeans will be burned”?

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