Trendy '24

The classic blog post to begin the year. We aren't one to follow a schedule per se or have a black and white plan (unpopular opinion for a business!). We aren't one to do what we 'should' do but rather what we are feeling based on our own thoughts as well as the overall vibe that you (yes ALL of you near and far. In person and online) share with us. You matter more to us than anything which is why we want to share our thoughts on the trends coming up in 2024.
The way to approach trends in the past was to assume a new colour in your space or wardrobe. It was an all or nothing approach. Or forget about your personal style and follow the copy paste guide to achieve X look. Do this, don't do that. Structure and rules to follow only because you felt like you had to keep up with the trends. Gone are those days, which is a trend within a trend! 
While there will always be definitive 'Do's & Don'ts', there is much more freedom and simplicity when it comes to styling your home and your wardrobe. After living through tough times, we are all yearning to live a life filled with connection, realism and intention. And while social media (which can feel artificial) has become a large part of all of our lives, there is a push for more raw and pure moments, advice and sharing online. We couldn't love this more.  
Which brings us to the trends we are seeing as 2024 begins to unfold.
Your home : there is a shift to create your own look. Inject your personality regardless of your style or your life story. Colour - yes. Neutral - yes. Minimalist - yes. Maximalist - yes. While these are opposite, they can both exist as trends because each celebrates the freedom to show your authentic self.
If you are into minimalism, tone on tone but you still wish to show personality to avoid your space feeling sterile, put a few treasures from travelling on display. If you have natural elements (a shell from the Caribbean or a wooden bowl from a roadside market), place one or two on a bookshelf with a simple empty putty coloured vase and a stack of books neutral in colour with the pages facing outward. Change out that special object after about a month with another treasure. This helps to avoid having everything out at once and highlights one or two pieces in a simple way to as not to overwhelm you. 
To celebrate maximalism, have all of your treasures out in your space. Layer textiles (a kantha blanket from India dripping out of a basket, layered under a vase filled with dried stems gathered from a friend's garden). The key to keeping it tidy is to group things together. Highlight them on a mantel, on a bookshelf, together on a side table, etc. Here you can layer colour and texture. Anything goes. 
The biggest trend we are seeing and feeling, is the need for real. Foliage that is a bit raw and undone (although it may be faux, the average eye would assume otherwise) less tight arrangements and more bundles of one thing, maybe a mix of two. Real textiles - linen, cotton, wool, canvas. Fabrics you want next to you in either throw form, pillows or the fabric of your living room furniture. Raw and natural wood is also apparent in any style. And less is more. You can have a fairly basic room, add in a raw wood bench and you've instantly elevated it. 
Fashion is following a similar concept - freedom, expression, realism, intention. We are seeing more often a mix of styles. For instance, wearing running shoes with a tailored trouser, sequin tank and a ball cap (a mix of classic, glam & sporty) The way to approach fashion now is to be intentional about what you put together but remain effortless. Of course a black tie event will demand a dress with heels more times than not, but for the average day, event, look, outing you can wear a good mix and fit in at any moment. We generally steer clear of colour and a neutral palette is always in style BUT if you are wearing black trousers, a grey cable knit sweater and white runners you can easily add a cobalt blue purse or a red jacket in order to create interest and forward style. Again, the idea is to embrace freedom. And have fun with your look in order to express yourself! If you don't wish to have a plethora of clothing options, stick to neutral tones and classic prints then add your personality with accessories. Chunky jewelry will always turn an outfit up a notch too. Mismatched earrings, layered necklaces and mixing metals all take a basic white tee and jeans to another level that is ultra cool. 
To summarize, the biggest and best trend of the year, always inject your personality into your home and what you wear. It more than likely will stand out and it will draw the most attention in the best way possible. It will lead to intention & realism. Which in the end connects you to those who visit your space or see what you're wearing. At the end of the day, isn't that the point?
Trendy '24

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