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Home Styling


Home Styling Consultation
Home Styling Consultation

Home Styling Consultation

Well-styled interiors instantly make you feel at ease and allow you to focus on the task at hand. In your home it’s important to feel a sense of calm; a place to recharge at the end of the day. Highlighting the things that are tied to your family roots or treasures you have collected on your life journey, as well as layering cozy textures instantly make you feel like you belong.

We’ll tell a story with your decor, tailoring your space so that it’s beautiful, functional and feels like the best version of you.

Our home decor consultations include:

  • An in-person (or virtual) visit to your home or office, at which time we photograph your space, discuss what you would like to decorate, chat about your style and discover how you move throughout your space. This ensures that we design the most ideal scenario for you and your lifestyle.
  • After the initial visit we put our heads together and research products that will be the right mix of style and function to enhance your experience in your space. We’ll also create a colour story for you and gather a selection of paint colours for you to get exactly the look you’re striving for without all the trial and error.
  • We’ll gather any product needed and schedule a time with you to bring it back to your space.
  • Then, the best part! We’ll decorate your space for you with a combination of new decor items and incorporating your existing pieces.
  • The whole process is fun and creative and in the end we leave you with a space that is tailored to you!

Fee: $250 (for out-of-town visits, a mileage charge will be added or schedule a virtual session)


Wardrobe Styling


Wardrobe Consultation

Clothing should be versatile, easy to wear, easy to change up and reinvent! A tuck of a shirt, a roll of a hem, a belt and cute shoes can change any article of clothing and help you feel more confident and relaxed!

Together, let’s experiment with your clothes and get creative! We’ll help you try new things in a way that still feels safe and makes you look effortless, refined and timeless.

Our home wardrobe consultations include:

  • An in person (or virtual) visit to your closet to view what items your currently have, learn what you love and what you’re struggling with.
  • We’ll discuss how to achieve a wardrobe that makes getting dressed effortless every morning.
  • Together we’ll discuss which items you should keep and which you can edit leaving you with only the things that help you feel good.
  • Afterwards we’ll go back to the store together (or take you there virtually) to find items you still need to fill in any holes in your wardrobe or items that will help update what you already have and love.
  • This process is joyful and creative. We’re not going to force you into any trends but we might push you outside of your comfort zone just a little to see if a new style could help you achieve your fashion goals and help you both look and feel good! You’ll always leave with only the things you truly love.

Fee: $250 (for out-of-town visits, a mileage charge will be added or schedule a virtual session)

Wardrobe Consultation

Shopping Parties



Exclusive Shopping Parties at Voila

Come shop with your girlfriends! Book an exclusive after-hours private shopping experience for you and your friends in our brand new studio space located in our historic brick building. There will be drinks and snacks and a 10% discount for all!

Our Shopping Parties include:

• A two hour after-hours private shopping session from 7-9pm

• Minimum of 6 people

• We’ll provide your choice of Champagne or wine and non-alcoholic beverages + Snacks!

• Each member of your party will receive 10% off their entire purchase

• Wander at your own pace in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere

• Karen & Jenna will be on hand to help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for, suggest items, and show you how to style them

Fee: Free!

Book a Shopping Party

Send us a message below to book your exclusive Shopping Party. Spaces are limited.

*Please note, there is a minimum of 6 people 

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