F**k The Rules

Whoa. That got your attention! But why? You expect Voila to be soft, serene, quiet, relaxing, calm. And yes she is all of that. We assure you, you are in the right place and we promise we aren't all of a sudden rebranding ourselves to be something you haven't come to love and adore...

We all have a preconceived notion of what something is. Or we have been trained (not necessarily in a bad way) to come to expect a certain vibe/feeling/look to whatever it is that we are encountering. A doctors office we expect to be cold, clean, sterile, quiet. A jewelry store sparkly, friendly, poised. A convenience store to be organized, full, bustling, efficient. It is within our psyche to feel safe when we know what to expect. We rely on 'knowing' how a place feels even before we walk into it. Our subconscious tricks us into thinking we need comfortable and reliable. Ok enough with the brainy chit chat, what's the point?

Let's circle back to the title of this blog. F**k the rules. We aren't trying to show angst, but it's true! Fashion, for years, had sooooo many rules. Countless, silly, limiting rules. If you recall certain things about stripes, colours compared to skin tone, certain shapes of tops for certain body types. UGH. It's honestly too much BUT these rules trick us into a comfort zone. 'Knowing' before we even consider something. The subconscious fools us into thinking this is what's safe. News flash - the comfort zone is wrong. We said what we said. Clothing is intended to be functional, Fashion is made to be inspiring. So if you need inspiration, creativity, edginess, fun - you've come to the right place. 

When you shop with us, we are going to take you beyond. We won't ask you to chaotically jump off a cliff into a raging river but we will ask you to step softly into an unknown forest and experience something you haven't before. We will dress you in something that perhaps goes against a rule you always followed (a colour you were told not to wear, a shape you were told wasn't ideal for your body 15 years ago but not only has fashion changed, so has your body). We assure you the items we are asking you to explore, will look good. Guaranteed. We won't ask you try something that is made for an entirely different body type. We take into consideration your tattas, your tummy, your legs, and even the shape of your shoulders. And we do listen to what you perceive as your blah spots and from there we show you how to dress those areas so you love them or notice your other assets more. We don't ever want you to have a bad experience with your body while you are here. We want you to have fun, be surprised, excited and fall in love with yourself and your wardrobe all over again! 

So why don't we just settle for leggings and a hoodie everyday? Inspiration and creativity. We truly believe that if you express yourself and feel good, you emit that energy outward and you make others feel good too. Fashion should be creative. You should be EXTRA. Your clothing should make you radiate confidence. You should feel current. I assume (again safe zone, thinking we 'know' before we know) that all of those words give you a visual of a lady wearing red glasses with a cropped leopard print coat, layers of chunky colourful jewelry, palazzo pants and high glitter stilettos. Wrong! And while these words could equal this profile, it could also mean a woman with a low smooth bun in her hair, a looong duvet puffer coat with a classic white button down over top of black straight leg denim and crisp white runners. While this is essentially a basic outfit, what makes it extra is the exaggeration of the simplicity. The ultra classic details. BOTH looks can read as confident, edgy, current and EXTRA. 

And that's the point. That's the idea. F**k the rules so you can be yourself. Be confident in what you wear. Step outside the box. Wear something that will turn heads. Be intentional. Have fun. And throw any preconceived notion out the window so you can remain open to the creativity of fashion. 

Need help finding your personal style? Not sure how to feel comfortable trying something new? Click here to book a wardrobe consultation with us. And let’s take your personality and show it off!

F**k The Rules

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