Master the Art of Layering - Part 1

We've entered the in between. The abyss. The yo-yo season! Is it Winter or Spring or Summer? It's all too familiar, happening every year, and still we attempt to resist it. So how do we live in the chilly now yet also count on the things we purchase to carry us into warmth later? 
This transitional season calls for great basics. Light fabrics. Natural and breathable. While we love the fuzzy winter sweaters, we tire of them at this point in the season. Albeit still needing them. The compromise? Switch out the fuzzy wool for cotton or linen. The chunky knit for a minimal pattern. We know the day is going to start off cool and as the sun warms the air, we will be in a sweat by mid day and want to throw the windows wide open! Linen & cotton are your superstars. These are a must. They feel good next to your skin and even when layering a few pieces together, they remain breathable. 
Layering your clothing (don't forget the key to successful dressing this year - juxtaposition) 
1. Turtlenecks! But think so light you hardly feel them on your skin. Tissue thin. Layer the Ember under a button down but only do up one button and let the shoulders fall loose, the Noah under a graphic tee, the Cynthia under the Brie hoodie, or the Hannah under the sheer Wednesday pullover.
2.  A button-down. THE MOST versatile piece in your closet. Wear it as a topper over a tank, wear loose over that tissue thin turtleneck, wear under a sleeveless dress or under a sweater. You literally cannot go wrong with how you wear it! Our faves : Chiara, Happy Hour or Rue. White is classic, try navy for a dramatic look or the thin stipe is on trend!
3. Next up - a blazer. Another must have! Oversized is key for maximum versatility. The beauty of this piece is it can be worn as a light jacket or worn indoors as a topper. You can wear it to a black tie affair or layer it over a sweatsuit for an ultra casual look. The Laerkes has that boyfriend style and versatile pinstripe. The Tara in black is a great basic! Or choose a less structured option such as the Seone and style it in a laid back way. 
4. Tees + Tanks. The absolute staple. The first layer that can be worn on it's own once summer truly arrives. Until then, use these superstars with any outfit combo. Take a floral dress and make it casual with a tee underneath. Wear a tank under a blazer or button-down. Tie a cotton knit around your shoulders while wearing either one underneath. You're going to want a variety of styles so you can easily mix up your vibe. The cropped Cory in black, white or navy are ideal with high waisted pants. The Mara is reversible and has that classic cut suitable for any style. The Arkita has just enough structure and just enough softness.  The perfect combo. 
Basics are especially important right now. Layering, wearing a multitude of ways and knowing you have the option to add or take away as the temperature fluctuates will make dressing for this season simple and so, so appealing. 
Master the Art of Layering - Part 1

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