We are your pillow professionals. We are obsessed to say the least! But we do have a few 'must-haves' for the ideal pillow. And it’s mostly to do with the inside…a pillow should first and foremost serve the function of comfort. And following after that it should be aesthetically pleasing. The great news is, we only choose pillows that are both! Chances are, if you have pillows that are stiff little squares, they aren’t pretty. And if you have an ultra squishy pillow, it’s more than likely easy on the eyes. So if you come to see us, we will give you both and it’s almost impossible to go wrong!

Now let’s talk about actually using these pillows. Because we are also firm believers of doing so! You want your kids, your husband, your grandkids, company that comes over to *gasp* use them! That’s right, contrary to an outdated idea, when someone sits on the couch they should be unconsciously ok with sinking into them. We don’t want a sea of pillows on the floor. If this is happening, we would bet the pillows you have are more the ‘bounce a coin off of them’ kind of feel rather than a ‘melt like butter when you lean into them’ feel.

The pillows we carry are made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen, velvet, canvas, etc. They are washable, useable and wear well in everyday life. They are all down filled, but not over stuffed making them ‘approachable’ and people will want to use them. And afterwards they fluff up like new with a quick little pat and karate chop. Exactly what we all want and need in our lives! Simple, easy and beautiful.

When mixing pillows, don’t overthink it. You can mix shapes and colour tones as well as texture very easily. If you gravitate towards a symmetrical look, do that! If you would rather an eclectic look where every single pillow is different, go ahead! As much as the actual feel is comfortable, so is how you style them. Trust your personality and just roll with it. The somewhat trickier style is mixing patterns. Doable, but it does require a bit more thought. We can help you dissect that and tune into your personality and get a feel for a preference of floral on floral or abstract with geometric or linear with structured styles. We will dive into that on our Instagram stories so be sure to watch!

All in all, our goal is to show you how to create a home that is comfortable, functional and well styled. And how easy it is to achieve!

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