Things we hear too often…

Why do we love fashion? It is a creative expression that is fluid and ever changing. If you enjoy change, love trends and getting creative - then you feel this too!
But are you ready for some hard truths when it comes to fashion? It’s tough to be fully opinionated at times while ensuring it comes across in a gentle way. Sometimes being straight to the point is best. We have a few unpopular opinions to share only because we speak out of love and we think you need to hear it from two women at two different points in our lives and two different eras. The funny thing is, we are all so similar…. Ok here it goes :
Often we hear, when it comes to fashion, that the primary goal is to look thin, sexy & feminine. We can blame those thoughts on society and growing up literally at anytime in the past and (this one might sting) - the patriarchy. We hear time and time again ‘my husband won’t like that because it’s loose’ or ‘my husband would never let me wear that’ or ‘my husband raises his eyebrows at me if I step outside the box’. This hurts our hearts because we know how many women value the opinion of the men in their life in regards to how they look. We are here to tell you that they just don’t get fashion. Think about their priorities? Most aren’t thinking about what they should wear. Most don’t really care what they wear and often their significant other shops for them & dresses them! We truly don’t think it’s a man’s place to comment on women’s clothing unless they have the knowledge to do so. We aren’t opposed to men, we are opposed to how those things men often say make women feel. We see it far too often. Of course they are going to gravitate towards sexy clothing - like us, they too have been fed a specific genre throughout their lives and because they are men, really buy into it. And of course there is a time and place to dress sexy but even if you aren’t portraying that at all times, we can also guarantee they still love you and think the world of you even if they don’t understand fashion. They probably won’t stop remarking, but let’s collectively stop accepting. If something makes you feel good - wear it. If it makes you feel confident - don’t let anyone take that feeling away. You deserve to feel good!
One more thing we hear often is the concept of women not wanting to size up. If it fits better or looks better (yes to oversized and generous!) then just buy the size you need to. Not one time ever has anyone said ‘I love your shirt’ and then proceeded to look at the tag. If they did, tell them to take a hike! Literally the only reason someone may ask (and we’re assuming it’s someone close to you!) is if they want to buy the same thing and need a size reference! Not because they are judging you on what size you are. And truth be told - being thin doesn’t mean you have great style. And EVERY body can look smashing and gorgeous by wearing the right style for your shape, lifestyle and personality.
Phewf! That was our inside thoughts coming outside. How do you feel? We would love to hear from you - these aren’t easy topics to approach. We love you. We think women are amazing. And we only want to keep boosting one another up! Life is too short to put so much emphasis on our bodies. So let’s have a little fun. Experiment with clothing. Accentuate your assets and boost your confidence! After all, that’s EXACTLY what fashion is for. xoxo
Things we hear too often…

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