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Yes, February is often considered a significant month for fashion, with many designers showcasing their collections during Fashion Week events around the world. Do you watch closely or are you more of a ‘you fill me in on the highlights’ kinda person? Honestly, we don’t mind doing the work for you! During this time, fashion insiders, models, and celebrities gather to preview the latest styles, trends, and designs for the upcoming season. Seeing all of these wild creations is intriguing and fuels our creative desires so from all of this, we pull inspo for real life and get a feel for what’s ‘in’ and how you can comfortably interpret these fashion moments and actually wear them!
February is also when we begin unveiling our new collections for spring/summer, making it a great time for fashion lovers to flip their wardrobes. The cozier pieces you choose now will carry you right through March and April. Let’s be real - hot weather rarely arrives before May. The summery bits will be your grab and go once the weather warms. You’re going to want a good mix of light layers and different textures so you can mix and match or layer together depending on what the weather is doing at any given moment.
Our go to fabrics for this time of year are denim, cotton, linen and tencel. These fabrics are breathable, lightweight and can be layered together or worn alone. Often we start the day with a couple of layers, peel back a few mid day and then add them back on in the evening! Versatility is key here.
While most of our fabrics tend to be timeless, the colours every season shift and change. For our lifestyle, we typically choose neutrals or colours that are more natural. We mix in the odd bright colour just for fun - never take life or your wardrobe too seriously! Again, our favourite way to dress is to mix and match and naturally, neutrals make this easier! For colour, earth tones are big this year (yay!) caramel, forest, sage, apricot, shell, laurel & carbon can all mix with other neutrals or throw in one bright coloured item with any of these and you’re on point!
Overall, February/March is a great time to celebrate and appreciate the world of fashion, whether you're a fashion insider or simply someone who loves to stay on top of the latest trends - we all need a little wardrobe refresh. Something fresh to wear as the weather warms, the days become longer and we start to come out of hibernation! So browse our online selection. Or drop by the store! We love nothing more than to choose items for you, curating a look that suits your body, your vibe but also pushes you just slightly out of your comfort zone. Happy shopping friends!
The Fashion Flip

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