Lampe Berger - it's a must! And here's why....

Our FAVOURITE useful product of all time is the Lampe Berger by Maison Berger. Designed in 1898 (it's been around for a loooong time) to purify the air in hospitals, the small catalytic lamp created by pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger, quickly became very popular with the public. The Lampe Berger is a functional and attractive accessory which has spanned the years, purifying indoor air and adding an elegant or contemporary touch to every home. We have carried it in store since the beginning of Voila! - 2005! 

Now let's get into the nuts and bolts, sciency stuff. Lampe Berger is a scent based on alcohol and does not release any toxic or chemical byproducts. Instead, it emits particles of essential oils from the fragrances, which help soothe the environment. Since the essential oils in Lamp Berger scents are diluted, it is safe to use them around pets. The unique catalytic burner moves fresh air over the hot stone. The catalytic zone reaches nearly 500°C or 932°F. This high-temperature assists in the catalytic oxidation of isopropyl alcohol present in the lamp, which then removes the bad odors.The Lampe Berger uses Platinum as the catalyst. This expensive metal is placed around the burner of the lamp. The ceramic support equipped with the catalyst works together to eliminate odors, kill germs and clean the surrounding air ridding it of foul odours. As you can see, a ton of thought, experimentation, knowledge and expertise goes into creating the burner and fuel. 

Lampe Berger reemerged during COVID-19 due to its efficient function of killing bacteria you breathe in. It became famous for the first time in 1898, and hospitals mostly used it to fight sepsis and flu bacteria. We have had MANY customers comment how allergies are lessened and cold & flu aren't as rampant when using their Lampe. 

Have you been to France? You are in good hands when choosing a scent - the French know their perfume. The layers and combinations are genius and can really tap into your mood at any given moment! Perfume is the heart of the business, the DNA of all the product ranges, and the focus is on rich olfactory creations and complex notes. The rich and varied collection, based on exceptional fragrances, is a real tribute to French tradition and know-how. The in-house perfumer (the "Nose") picks out future trends and studies and approves the proposals from our master perfumers based in Grasse, South of France. All components of the Lampe Berger - the vessel and the fuel - are made in France. 

Each lamp has a body, a wick with a catalytic burner, a protective ornamental cap, an extinguishing protective cap that puts out the flame, and a funnel.

  • If necessary, relocate it to a new place/room twenty to thirty minutes after lighting to freshen up your whole house. (ie the musty basement. or kitchen smelling of onions long after supper has finished)
  • When you feel the air in the room has been appropriately purified, remove the open protective top and place the stopper cap on the catalytic burner to extinguish your fragrance lamp.
The effects are unparalleled. The function next level. The concept has surpassed the test of time. When you find something that works, it becomes part of your lifestyle routine and without Lampe Berger, our homes (and store) wouldn't be nearly as lovely and fresh! See you later germs and icky smells, we don't have time for you! 
Want more info or how to use videos? Visit our FAQ page for a deeper dive into the function and how to use it properly. Au revoir les amis - now go light your lamp!
Lampe Berger - it's a must! And here's why....

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