Just What You Need in January!

Can we share an unpopular opinion with you? We love January! We love it for the low pressure, regroup vibe it has. It’s a time to reset, reorganize, clean and change things up a little. Who doesn’t love a refresh! 
First you clean out that cupboard or closet you have been putting off for months. It’s not the easiest task to make yourself dive into - hello fellow procrastinators! We like to turn things up a notch and clean with Frasier Fir. Not only does it smell natural and clean which is divine, but it ACTUALLY works. Better than most brand name products on the shelf at your local G store!
The natural progression after cleaning is to reorganize. But let’s do it the Voilà way and utilize baskets. A must for us, big and small,  classic or embellished. They are the easiest way to keep things handy and available yet stored away in an aesthetically pleasing way! We use them for throws, magazines, toiletries, toys, books or smaller items such as mail, keys, pens, etc. Put these baskets next to your couch, on a bookshelf, on your counter, under a coffee table. Anywhere! 
In the coming months, outside light is still low in our northern climate. Those glowy lights from Christmas? Keep a few out!  Candles (battery or real), burn them or turn them on. Small pools of light layered here and there in dark corners or with larger lights, give you a cozy homey feel. We stock string lights all year and find them to be functional yet add the best feeling to any space. We love lights dangling over a blanket ladder, flowing out of a basket, laying along a shelf or mantel or hanging in a window. 
After you’ve cleaned, organized and added that glowy feel, the last ‘must have’ isn’t a visual one albeit an incredibly important one. Although your space will immediately smell amazing after using Frasier Fir to clean, you will more than likely want to keep that clean smell going long after your hard work is done. We use and layer (that’s a key word for us and will pop up often) scents. Some offer a constant, quiet undertone of scent. Some more acute. The Pura diffuser is an app based scent device that plugs in and can be programmed on your phone to come on at certain times and at the chosen intensity. We have a variety of refills that are perfect any time of year.
Maison Berger is also an absolute must have. Not only does it smell incredible, it purifies your air. It actually cleans it! Removing airborne bacteria, it can clear the air of any unwanted smell rather than mix with it (bacon begone. pet smells omitted. musty basement smell goodbye). The patented process was developed by a pharmacist in France and all products are still fabricated in France using essential oils and fine ingredients. The scents range from fresh, to floral, masculine, feminine, subtle or strong and it’s truly the only way to completely freshen the air in your home! 
Our home is our haven. We want you to feel the same way about yours! Small changes = big impact and can lift you up. If you’re needing advice or ideas, execute some we have outlined here or drop by either online or in person and let’s chat. 
Oh and one more thing you may be wondering why we didn't mention it - textiles! These are key to success when making your home cozy and inviting especially during the winter months. So important, that we decided to highlight them all on their own. Watch for another journal entry coming soon chatting all things pillows! See you soon...
Just What You Need in January!

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