Home. What does it mean to you? How do you want it to make you feel? What are your everyday needs and how do you live in your space? How many people are in your home and how old are they? How do you express yourself in your home?
Have you ever considered any of these questions? Regardless if you have or not, we certainly do! Our passion is taking a house and making it a home. It sounds cliché but it truly is SO important. Our homes should be our safe place. A place of rest and recharge. A place where we are free to be ourselves. 
Earlier this year, we posted on social media 'ins and outs' for 2024 and one was 'styling your home for company'. ugh. Those formal living rooms that nobody sat in and just looked stuffy & (apparently) pretty? Thankfully those are in the rearview mirror and have faded into nothingness. Society should formally (pun intended) apologize to the generation that had to keep up with that trend...
First and foremost, your home should instantly make you feel like you can relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Feel grounded. Second it should be functional and efficient. Third it should be aesthetically pleasing - meaning visually the items you see appeal to you and make you happy. Our brains appreciate when a space has been intentionally styled which in turn brings us right back to the first point. And by combining 2 + 3 is how you achieve that next level of comfort. 
If you're like most, you are busy. You have other priorities on your brain and styling your home isn't at the top of the list. Even if you do yearn to have a home that embodies all that we are talking about, where do you start? This is our jam. We have worked with many clients to give them a space that combines all that we strive for and more. Feel free to click here to see what they have to say! 
Our process and the role you play in it? We visit your space in person (we also offer virtual consults with communication via email or text for long distance purposes) and we chat. You show us around, we visit about your lifestyle and your family. We talk about different pieces you have around your home and how you feel towards them. The well loved writing desk that belonged to your great grandparents, the unusual throw blanket you acquired during your honeymoon to Australia, the worn recliner that is your husband's fave chair. You may want or need to keep these items and if that's the case, we are happy to celebrate them. After our initial chat, we take pictures, measurements and many notes. After returning back to the store, we take the next few weeks to create a plan for your space. Furniture research, choosing accessories and textiles. We create visual representations of your space showing what we would add, what we would move around from room to room and what we would eliminate.
Let's take a look at a few of the room combinations we created this past year. 
We sit down in person or communicate via email/text to present the plan, cost, timeline etc and from there you choose how you wish to proceed! We can do as much or as little as you wish. We can proceed with everything at once or break it up into different areas doing a little at a time. We tailor the process to you! After that decision has been made, we bring all of the items to your home and style your space the way we envision it! And Voila! Your space is complete.
In the end, we don't want a basic style that has a copy/paste vibe to it. Your home is for you, not us and will reflect you when we are finished. Even more so than before we arrived! We are intuitive and use that quality to drive the overall feel of your home. Just by talking with you, we begin to understand what you want or need without specifically saying it. It's what makes us so exceptionally good at what we do!
At all times we value your honesty and only want you to commit to items you truly love.
Are you looking to refresh your space? Have you recently moved to a new home? Or has your lifestyle shifted and you would like help transitioning to a new chapter? If so, click here to book a  home consultation with us! Or pop by the store, DM us on social media, call us 780-842-3037 or email info@veryvoila.com and let's get creative together! 

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